Nothing Dead about Program the Dead

According to sites and vendors like DIRECT TV, there are dozens of streaming music channels out there for everything including rock. However, the rock you hear on these might not be quite what you were expecting or hoping for. For a while, a lot of people thought rock was dead and not even the earnest efforts of the golden oldies behind Chickenfoot could bring it back.

Then Program the Dead was formed.

Program the Dead, despite what the name and the albums might imply, has actually done a lot to really invigorate the rock and roll genre. Whereas rock and roll was mostly relegated to hollow ballads about abstracts while never truly committing to anything real, Program the Dead brings rock and roll back to its roots.

They cover anything from the horror of the human experience to the primal nature of our ancestors. They manage to not just tap into a more significant era of rock, they make it their own and put the other so-called rockers to shame in the music world.

It’s not surprising when you stop to consider that Nico Constantine, a high-profile musician in his own right, is spearheading the group and their work. Indeed, “dead” might be in their name, but their music and the genre of rock is far from it.

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Ways An Indie Band Can Financially Support Their Band: Featuring Program The Dead

Ways An Indie Band Can Financially Support Their Band

Taking Advantage of Building A Following On Social Media
There are a number of invisible components that make up a band. By invisible, I mean things that the average fan does not realize. For instance, a band usually has a booking agent book their concerts, yet a fan will assume a number of things on how a band landed their gig. The truth is that a large team is required to helping a new or old band succeed in a very competitive industry. Therefore, you more…

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Here Are Some Of The Ways Program The Dead Have Supported Themselves Through Their Music

Although Program The Dead has no tour planned in the near future and have not made any new songs in a little while, they were able to support their band for quite awhile with these things. On their MySpace and Facebook page, fans could go and request that Program The Dead play in their town. Like many rock bands, the majority of their money would have come from touring and playing gigs.

At their concerts, you could buy Program The Dead CDs and merchandise. Although the band did not do more…

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Program The Dead Are A Four Piece Band From California And Here’s Why They Remain On The West Coast

Program The Dead is a popular rock band located in Los Angeles. Their songs are upbeat with solid rock and roll sound. They remain on the West Coast in order to be close to their record producers. The band plays in concert arenas all over the country. Their music sound is seductive and provocative. Their music appeals to a wide variety of rock music fans. Their concerts have been known to be sold out well before concert time.

The group hasn’t released any new songs lately, but the rumor is they are working more…

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These Are The Kinds Of Record Labels Program The Dead Looking Is Looking For?

Program the Dead is a prominent rock group that has perceived by many as a breath of fresh air into the life of rock and roll. Composing the band is Tom Kafafian, bassist, Matt Koruba, singer, Dave Murga, drummer, and Nico Constantine, guitarist. The band’s music is quite gritty and it gets your adrenaline pumping. Listening to their songs, you’ll feel as if you are on top of the world, and you can take on more…

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Some Of The Main Influences Of Program The Dead

Program the Dead, a psychedelic, rock band that draws influence from art of all forms is fronted by Matt James and backed by Nico Constantine on the guitar, Jimbo Easteregg as the drummer and Tommy Bagels on the bass. Hailing from Los Angeles and Atlanta the band considers their main influences to be Noah Pine, Joe Coleman and Alternate Realities. Program the Dead, unlike other current rock bands, fine inspiration in a multitude of art forms and art movements.I found some more information more…

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How Program The Dead Came Up With Their Band Name

Program the Dead, a band that has shared the stage with other heavy hitters like Mindless Self Indulgence, is a name that really sticks with you. It conjures up macabre and bizarre images of dystopian worlds with shambling corpses bearing radio collars, even. But what does the name actually mean?

Well according to the band, who knows exactly where the name came from, they wanted to make a point through metaphor in their name, while making it something memorable that has a unique taste to it.Is this new to more…

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What Program The Dead Is Up To Now

There doesn’t seem to be anything new happening with Program The Dead as of right now but their music is still alive and listened too. No upcoming shows are found for Program The Dead. This group is from Los Angeles and their music is heavy rock/religious/psychedelic. Some people say that there is no way to really describe the music by this group.

The original members of the band are Dave Murga who plays the drums, Nico Constantine who plays the guitar, bassist Johnny more…

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Program the Dead, Thank You for the Music!

Program the Dead is under the indie record label, Nuclear Funeral offering a weird fusion of rock, religious, and psychedelic compilations with masterful precision. The band’s wheels of creativity have never rusted in the five years they’ve played together. Their sounds can be described as adrenaline-driven, sultry, and provocative. The band is presently writing and recording in Atlanta, Georgia after moving from Los Angeles California. Program the Dead has shared the stage with other hot bands, such as The 69 Eyes, more…

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